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P-SEA WIND PLOT for Windows VERS.7.29 ,USB KEY win 10,8, ect...


Manufacturer: P-SEA SOFTWARE

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P-Sea WindPlot II is a commercial fishing software program that can display many types of raster and vector nautical charts called moving maps, including; C-Map and Navionics World-Wide vector Charts, MapTech, BSB'S CHS/NDI or NOS/NOAA and our own 2D and 3D bathymetrics. With ARPA Radar ovelay, AIS tracking, FishFinder and Bottom Charactericstic


Just connect the cable that is provided with the package to your GPS (or loran) and the program will automatically update your position on the computer screen in relation to the nautical chart. Charts automatically load and position themselves according to your vessel's location. Unlike most similar programs that have only a limited number of scales, WindPlot allows the user to select just about any range desired. P-Sea WindPlot is designed to run on Windows 10,8, 98SE, ME, XP and 2000pro.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Starting in March of 08 we will be charging a $35.00 handling fee plus freight charges per update/duplicate CDs. We tried hard to keep from charging for updates and duplicate CD's in the past but found we had to now due to the overwhelming increase in demands for us to send out updates and duplicate chart CD's. We also now have all updates available on the web that you can continue to download for FREE. If you are unable for what ever reason to download updates then most computer stores will do it for you for a small fee.

Product Code: WIND PLOT II/392

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